Venous disease is extremely common. By age 50, nearly 20% of men and up to 40% of women experience some form of vein disorder. As many as 25 million Americans may suffer varicose veins. Family history, multiple pregnancies, standing or sitting in the same position for long periods of time, and a history of blood clots are all contributing factors to the development of vein disease.


The good news is that over the past decade, there have been many innovations in the modern treatment of venous diseases. There are more minimally-invasive treatments than ever before, and traditional procedures such as vein stripping have largely been replaced by modern treatments that involve less downtime and much less discomfort during recovery.


Patients benefit from a greatly improved appearance and relief from the pain, aching, cramping, numbness, itching, burning, swelling and fluid retention associated with venous insufficiency. Patients are amazed that the lower leg ulcers they have suffered with for years will potentially heal over in a few weeks to months. Many are delighted to realize they can go about their daily lives in much greater comfort, and can return to wearing clothing like shorts and capri pants that they had previously given up.


Treatment options include:


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