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Fantastic experience with Dr. Gardner and his team. After running a half marathon in November of 2014, I had struggled with distance running. My legs always felt very heavy, and I got tired quickly. By the Summer of 2016, I was experiencing cramping and consistent pain in my legs. My primary referred me to Dr. Gardner, and they were able to get me in quickly for a consultation. After diagnosing Superficial Venous Reflux, we scheduled procedures to address both legs. Dr. Gardner was very thorough in explaining what to expect both during and after the procedure. It's now been 7 weeks since my last procedure, and the difference in how I feel is amazing. I could not be happier with the results and the overall experience with this group.
I had the vein procedure done on both legs by Dr. Gardner. Couldn't be pleased more. All the girls in his office are wonderful. His assistant Robin is the best! Tell me, what doctor personally calls you the evening after your procedure to check on how you are? Dr. Gardner did! My legs don't feel heavy anymore. I can go to the store and get home without having to lean on the cart or checkout because my legs hurt. It is a procedure Medicare covers if you are 65 or over. It will make you feel so much better and walk and balance better too. I recommend Dr. Gardner and Southern Surgical Arts for any procedure they offer. Dr. Nease and Deal are the best at what they do.
Dr. Gardner performed endovenous laser therapy on my left leg. His work was superior. No scars, leg looks great and, best of all, all the pain I had been feeling in my leg has gone! He is pleasant, competent and caring. He even called to check on me the evening of the procedure. Thanks, Dr. Gardner! I am constantly recommending you to others!
Dr. Gardner performed two EVLT procedures on me for varicose veins. He and his office staff are extremely kind, friendly, and professional. They educated me on the procedure itself and what to expect pre and post op. There was minimal discomfort after the procedure. The results were successful as I no longer have swelling and pain in my legs. I would highly recommend Dr. Gardner for any of your venous needs.
I have 3 out of 4 vein procedures done on both of my legs. Dr. Garner and his staff are the best. Dr Garner called me the night of surgery and on Saturday. I can't wait to get finished with the last 1. My legs feel so much better no more feeling heavy or pain after work. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you Dr Grander and your staff!


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