High Ligation

High ligation is a medical term that refers to the tying off a vein through surgical methods, to prevent blood flow into a diseased or non-functioning vein. The vein most likely to undergo a ligation procedure is the great saphenous vein, the large, superficial vein that runs from the groin into the foot.


High ligation was historically performed in conjunction with vein stripping or as a stand-alone procedure if some of the valves within the vein are still healthy.  At The Vein Institute high ligation is offered in combination with endovenous ablation procedures when the saphenuous vein is extremely large or in patients on blood thinners.  In these situations high ligation increases the chance of treatment success.


While some doctors may perform vein stripping in conjunction with high ligation, The Vein Institute does not perform vein stripping because superior, cutting-edge treatments with fewer side effects and risks are available.


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