Constantly in motion—whether shaking hands, giving a presentation, or using utensils at a business dinner—hands are one of the most visible parts of our anatomy.  Because hands are so readily noticeable, many patients are unhappy when their hands begin to show obvious signs of aging.


Through sun damage and thinning of the skin, veins can become more visible under the skin. Skin becomes less elastic with age, which causes the veins to dilate, leading to a “ropey” and more prominent appearance. Fortunately, most visible veins in the skin are merely a cosmetic issue rather than a significant health concern.


At The Vein Institute, Dr. Gardner has a number of treatment methods available to restore hands to a more youthful appearance. His treatment plan may address several of the key components of the aging hand. He may offer treatment of the bulging veins, soft tissue volume loss and thinning discolored skin using a combination of methods. Sclerotherapy (via liquid or foam), microphlebectomy, and endovenous laser ablation are all excellent procedures for the treatment of bulging hand veins.


Volume loss can be treated with man-made fillers (such as Radiesse) or fat transfer. The skin itself can be treated with laser and light emitting (energy) devices in order to stimulate collagen growth, which helps thicken the skin, and improve the appearance of pigment skin changes or sun spots.


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