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With advancements in the modern treatment of venous disease, patients are frequently delighted by the dramatic improvement in their appearance, not to mention the improvement in their vein health and relief of symptoms. Innovative procedures allow a qualified vein specialist to eliminate problem veins with little to no visible scarring, restoring comfort and increased mobility as well as returning the legs to a healthier, more youthful appearance.


Spider, reticular and varicose veins can be eliminated, removing the visible blue, red or purple hues beneath the skin and the tell-tale bulges of cordlike veins. A qualified vein specialist can also provide relief to those who suffer from chronic leg ulcers and other uncomfortable symptoms, such as itching, burning, and swelling.


Click through the images below to see how The Vein Institute has effectively improved the appearance and symptoms of a variety of vein disorders. Then give us a call to see how The Vein Institute can help you!

This 71-year old female suffered bilateral leg pain and swelling for many years. When she presented to Dr. Gardner, she was walking with a cane. She had modern endovenous laser ablation procedures on both legs. After treatment of her lymphedema and venous disease, she notes improvement in her leg pain, swelling and skin changes. Her quality of life has improved dramatically and she no longer needs the cane to get around.

Mr. B is a 61 year old male. He has had large bulging veins and leg fatigue for many years. His leg symptoms progressed and he began to develop pigment skin changes. He brought it to the attention of his doctor who referred him to Dr. Gardner for treatment. He said he was always told there was nothing to do for the veins. At his consult an individual treatment plan was devised to address his diseased veins. He reports the procedures were simple and he is thrilled with how they now look and feel. He doesn’t understand why he wasn’t referred earlier.

This 48-year old female suffered with bilateral leg pain and swelling for many years. Her job requires her to stand for long hours. She was also embarrassed of how they looked and hasn’t worn shorts in many years. She was referred to Dr. Gardner for treatment. After several treatments using modern techniques she has regained the power back in her legs. The fatigue is gone and she notes improvement in her leg pain and swelling. Now that the large bulging veins are gone she is much more confident in how she feels. She says for the first time in a decade she will be wearing shorts this summer.


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